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Maybe it is a big coincidence, and he thinks I'm the bathroom creeper. Or maybe he's simply some mentally ill Berkeley resident. But I don't think so--something definitely seems off about this guy.

Berkeley Gay Cruising Areas

Something sexually predatory, even. Just looking to see if others' experiences confirm or disconfirm my own.

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I just had my first run in with this guy on Friday. I had checked each of the stall doors, and they seemed locked with no one inside. He was standing over by the urinals. I made some kind of mild joke 'heh, these doors, yeah? I proceed into the only unlocked stall. I take my usual time, play a game or two of Threes.

About minutes, right? Usual bathroom biz.

Tradition of sex cruising at Aquatic Park to end. Category: Page One from The Berkeley Daily Planet

Then it gets quiet, and I figure everyone has left. Yay, alone time in the poop room! Anyways, I finish up, and start to head out, and there he is, still standing next to the urinals. Locking eyes with me. The faq? Practically stared at me the whole time I was washing my hands. Could be a cultural thing.

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Maybe he is from an African nation and from a very closeted culture. Everyone once and a while a foreign student or visiting professor will get caught cruising the restrooms. He could have intense social anxiety about his sexual identity; even in the US there's still many people who don't know how to express themselves sexually - especially those with mental health issues.

First time in a bath house? Here's some tips.

It's a tricky situation because people want to be comfortable in the restroom obviously, but calling the police on this guy could be disastrous. Talk to the guy and tell him he is acting in a manner that is making people feel uncomfortable. I've had to tell people with mental health issues not to publicly masturbate or not to leer or not to do whatever.

And really most of the time people will kind of understand; its rare to have someone get angry. Just be firm Contact the author of this piece, send a letter to the editor, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. Showing 1- 2 of 2.

Cruising in Berkeley, California

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  • Aquatic Park!
  • Special Reports. Just inside the park, in a seemingly continual cycle, a lone male emerges from a grove of trees that separates the park from the railroad tracks, walks quickly to his car and drives off. Another car pulls into the available space and its driver, in turn, disappears into the same grove of trees. For 30 years the south end of Aquatic Park has been known as a gay cruising spot. The area has been convenient for the activity because of its seclusion and easy access to Interstate 80 from the Ashby Avenue on and off ramps.

    But an increase in park use by joggers, Frisbee enthusiasts and children is quickly making the traditional cruising area obsolete, according to Parks and Waterfront Director Lisa Caronna. In recent months the city has initiated a multi-departmental strategy to curtail sexual cruising in the area. In addition the Department of Health and Human Services is concerned because the casual sex that men are engaging in is considered to be high risk for contracting HIV. Fred Conrad, who has rowed on the lagoon in the center of the park every day for the last six years, said he has seen a decrease in cruising activity in the last six months since the police and parks departments have begun to discourage it.